Secrest of Eyelashes

Eyelashes have the impressive ability to transform your face. Long luxurious eyelashes are the secret of beauty. Actually, eyelashes is used to diffuse airflow that might threaten to dry out the eyeball, and that their length is generally determined in relation to the size of the eyeball itself.

Long, dark eyelashes to signify beauty of the highest order. Why people love long, volume eyelashes? For one, the presence of healthy eyelashes can be a sign of overall health. Eyelashes have also historically been associated with chastity.

Recent research points toward the notion that long eyelashes are valuable for the illusion they create of wide, gazing eyes. Fluttering eyelashes create more visible movement around the eye with each blink and glance – which helps hold the attention of the beholder.

Still, these theories explain little about why long or full eyelashes are considered feminine. Women tend to blink more slowly than men – a habit that soft, fluttering lashes would accentuate.

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