How to Use Careprost and when will get results?

The following 3 simple steps must be followed systematically for best results.

1. Just one drop of Careprost must be used on a disposable eyeliner applicator brush. This brush should be used to draw a line on upper eyelash roots. This process should then be repeated for the other eye. Careprost must not be applied on the lower lash line.
2. Careprost must be applied once a day until the desired length is achieved. It takes approximately 8 weeks to notice visible results. The desired length is usually visible within a span of 14 to 16 weeks.
3. After getting your satisfied eyelashes, it is essential to continue the usage of Careprost once every week in order to maintain the quality and length of the new lashes. After discontinuing the use of Careprost, the eyelashes will return back to their original growth pattern that existed before the treatment.

You may begin to see more length of your eyelashes as little as 4 weeks but the results are more noticeable at 8 weeks. You will not see the full effect of using careprost until around 16 weeks or 4 months. At least three bottles of careprost to see the full results. Lots of our customers who have been using it for a year now and are seeing wonderful results such as longer, fuller, and darker lashes. You do have to continue to use Careprost or the effects will go away and you will have the same amount, length, etc of lashes as you did before you began using it.

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