How to Choose The Best Eyelash Enhancer?

The eyelash serum market has hundreds of brands to choose from. Most eyelash enhancer brands on the market have the similar formulae. It’s very difficult to choose the best eyelash enhancer for yourself. For instance, one harmful ingredient has been used in many lash growth serums that you must avoid is from Prostaglandin analog. This ingredient causes skin and iris pigmentation. Only few companies innovate or integrate safe healthy ingredient in cosmetic technology into their line in which those dangerous chemicals hasn’t been used, therefore, their products have the powerful ingredients with fastest and the most effective results.

The target we use eyelash enhancer is for longer, thicker, fuller, fortifying, more voluminous eyelashes. So we have to choose sound brand and effective eyelash enhancer.

Right now, the most popular and effective eyelash enhancer is careprost, Lumigan and Latisse. Careprost and Latisse both contain 0.03% w/v bimatoprost, lumigan only contain 0.01% bimatoprost. However, careprost price is much more affordable than Latisse. So the best choice is careprost eye drop.

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