Different Factors That Affect Eyelash Growth

It has become more and more popular to own longer eyelashes. We are all finding the solution for the longer and thicker eyelashes. However. However, regardless of all the solutions available, it still remains quite challenging to grow longer eyelashes. And It is the time for us to understood the different stages or phases that our eyelashes grow.

Here we can simply divide eyelash growth into three stages. The first phase our eyelashes grow actively, which will last up to seven weeks and in which almost 30% of our eyelashes are growing.
The next phase is called catagen phase or the lag phase, in which the follicles start to shrink and our eyelashes stop growing. The telogen phase is the last growth stage before our eyelashes finally fall out. But dont you worry, our eyelashes will not fall down at the same time. Some will fall out ahead of the others and some will fall out after them, for their own growth stages.

Another factor that affects eyelash growth is our age. The older we are, the harder it is to grow eyelashes. Of course, our genetic structure also affects the length of our eyelashes. After learning How the eyelashes grow and fall out, we will get the idea of how to enhance and stimulate their growth. We can change our diets for better nutrition, and we can also use some careprost growth enhancer which will effectively helps to get the longer eyelashes without side effect.

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