Careprost is Best Eyelash Growth Serum

If you’re hesitant to take an eyelash enhancement surgery, you can try the eyelash enhancement serum. One popular brand for this option is Careprost®. It’s prescription eyelash enhancer. There are also other non-prescription eyelash enhancer brands like FEG Serum®, Lilash® etc. If you don’t know how to choose, please consult a surgeon on which brand is best for you.

If you underwent eyelash surgical method, the transplanted hair would fall out, usually after two weeks. Eyelashes life circle is usually 15-30 days. Your eyelashes will regrow in about three months after the procedure. Regrowth may differ from one person to another.

For those who use careprost eye drop treatment for eyelash lengthening, results are usually long-lasting. Just make sure you apply the serum on a regular basis. If you discontinue the serum treatment, your eyelashes may return to its pretreatment appearance.

Careprost is used for strong, thick and dark eye lashes.Careprost is an eye drop containing Bimatoprost as active ingredient.

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