Do you know why girls spend so much time toincrease eyelash size and enhance eye beauty, for the saying “Eyes are the windowto our soul”. Lashes frame the eyes, give them best definition. Here we willshare the natural ways to lengthen thicken and darken eyelashes.

Keep a healthy diet—All things you takeinside will reflect on the body outside. Therefore, an healthy diet willenhance your beautiful look. For example, minerals, proteins  and vitamins will nourish your eyelasheffectively. Following food is highly advised: fish, egg, fruit and vegetables.Besides, you should also drink plenty of water to detox toxins.

Natural Oils –– Natural oils such ascoconut oil, olive oil, castor oil will do a great help to nourish eyelash andmake them grow faster & thicker. These product is also easy to apply, justapply them nightly for a few weeks, you will get ideal eyelash easily.

Eyelash Serum –– If you want an easy andeffective way instead of above methods, highly recommend you to take a try ofeyelashes, such as careprost, being an alternative version of fda approvedlatisse, it is cheap and effective, just brush it along your eyelasheverynight,4-8 weeks later, you will get naturally longer thicker and fullereyelashes soon.

careprost eyelash serum

  • Feb 13, 2017
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