Gone are the days of wishing you had naturally longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. With new technology and product invention, it is much easier for your to get ideal eyelashes. If you are the one like us desire to get fuller eyelash, and it is your bonus time to take atry of careprost. Which has shown remarkable effect to eyelashes with regular use every day.

Careprost is just the one to make your dreams come true to get naturally fuller darker eyelash in few weeks. This product is easy to apply, just like wearing mascara, brush serum along your eyelid nightly and wait for the amazing result.

Maybe you have the doubt: why careprost? since there are so many serums in the market claiming to enhance eyelash, why do you suggest careprost?

Careprost is an special eyelash serum, ithas same ingredients as Latisse, the latter product is the only and first FDA approved serum to increase eyelash size. Therefore, careprost is also named Generic Latisse, what's more, careprost's price is onle a quarter of latisse.It won't take your much money to get same result as what latisse brings!

careprost result

  • Feb 06, 2017
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