If we are lucky enough being born withnaturally long thick and luscious eyelashes, then there wouldn't be a need forfalse lashes or heave mascara. For people who are tired of mascara or fakelashes. Eyelash serum should be an best alternative product.

As you can see, there are so many eyelashserums in the market claiming to regrow naturally longer darker and thickereyelash.  The question is: do they work?Which of them play well for your beauty plan?

Among them, latisse is the only and firsteyelash serum that passed approval to increase eyelash size. However, it is anprescription drug. If you want to apply it without a prescription, you can takea try of over-the-counter version of latisse, such as careprost. This producthas the same active ingredients, bimatoprost 0.03% to extend eyelash growthphase to lengthen eyelash. Just take 4-8 weeks, you will regrow lush eyelash asyou want.

latisse VS careprost

  • Jan 20, 2017
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