Some people are used to pull or seize eyelash when being  in tense situations, since almost everyone has own method to face difficulties, for examples, pull your hair, shake a leg or rock your body. However, for the case of pulling eyelashes, If not treated,  it will cause more serious problem. Which can lead to eyelash loss, folliculitis etc.

Therefore, to get healthy eyelash, the first thing for you to do is stop pulling your eyelashes right now. Besides, to get healthy eyelash, it is also advised to apply careprost to regrow naturally longer and fuller eyelash.

For most people, this behavior is an unconscious activity, before you realize it, eyelashes may have been pulled out already. Here we advise you to keep your hand busy, to prevent yourself touching your eyelash, insist on it for a long time untill you change this habbit.

A major contributor to pulling eyelash out is stressful. Just try to relax yourself and take your time for unwinding, in a word do something to release pressure, relieve yourself, your eyelash will return to the longer thicker and fuller stage.

Stop Pulling Your Eyelashes!

  • Jan 07, 2017
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